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Our company was established in 2001 to provide software and services that only we could provide.
In order to survive in an increasingly computerized world, we have focused on developing human resources.
We will foster people capable of contributing and of winning public trust.
Our greatest pleasure is when our customers say“thank you”.

We as a company will devote ourselves daily to the task of contributing to our world and
reaping the benefits of our efforts based on the principles described below.
Our aim is to become a universally trusted software house.

1.Provide high-quality people for a computerized world.
2.Provide high-quality software for a computerized world.
3.Propose, design, build and operate information systems that suit companies.

We will provide you with services that will satisfy you
because of our tenacious pursuit of and insistence on quality.

ARC's motto is “Value people. Value myself.”
Akira Moriyama

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