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Developing people
As a company, we are most particular about developing human resources.
Good software is born of interpersonal communication. For this reason, it is not enough to have good technical skills, one's human qualities are very important too.
ARC provides an opportunity on one Saturday every month for all employees to gather. On these occasions, we discuss what each employee has done during the month.
Those who have made great efforts are applauded by everyone, those who struggled or failed to make progress are encouraged by everyone, and those who were lazy are roused to action ? we wish everyone to achieve success.
  1. The in-the-office Saturday
We have an office gathering on the first Saturday of every month. The purpose of the gathering is to ensure we have a collective understanding of issues and to improve the skills of each employee.
 *Once every three months, we conduct this session jointly with our affiliate company, BYS,Inc.
  2. Leaders Meetings
The group leaders gather once a month at seven in the morning to discuss the creation and implementation of training programs, ongoing projects or problems that have arisen. We aim to improve the efficiency of our company's organizational structure and operations.
 3. Morning Meetings
The company managers meet with the group leaders twice monthly from seven in the morning to hear reports from the leaders meetings, and to discuss the agenda for the following in-the-office Saturday to ensure that the day is as rewarding as possible for all employees.
 4. Training Programs

Our training programs cover basic business skills and provide employees with opportunities to learn programming languages.
The final exercise in a training program involves developing a software system such as was developed to meet a real business need.
We aim to train software engineers so that they are ready to take on real tasks straight away.

1. Training in business etiquette
2. Basic knowledge about networks
3. VBA-from introduction through to practice
4. VB-from introduction through to practice
5. ASP-from introduction through to practice
6. ORACLE-from introduction through to practice
7. UNIX-an introduction
8. C language-from introduction through to practice
9. JAVA-from introduction through to practice
10. System design-from introduction through to practice
11. Network design-from introduction through to practice
12. Process management-from introduction through to practice
13. Object design-from introduction through to practice
14. Middle management-from introduction through to practice
15. Entrepreneurship-from introduction through to practice
 5. Other Workshops

Our employees are given opportunities to acquire other skills too.
We plan to hold an English-conversation class once a month to give our employees a chance to learn language skills.

 6. Reward System
We pay cash rewards to employees who have acquired various qualifications.
Of course we pay the course fees (once) too.
We willingly invest in people who have ambition and seek to improve their skills.

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