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Technology Deverlopment
A system of electronic medical charts Medical-supplies search system
Government Public-administration computer system Managerial data management system
Network system Meteorological system
A system for calculating foreseeable lawsuit damages System conversion
Salary-payment system System for managing National Health Insurance
Central-procurement system System for the Ground Self-Defense Force
Server configuration
Finance System conversion Foreign-exchange transaction system
Securities Foreign-exchange system
Manufacturing Sales-data system Customer-management system

Management system

Factory security system
Steel industry Manufacturing-administration system
University Debt-management system
Telecommunications Tenant-management system Dedicated-line system
Accounting system Attendance-record management system
System to support the sales of buildings
Railway Station-revenue management system Materials-management system
Procurement-contract system
Electricity supply Management system Customer-management system
Electricity-pole location-planning system Email-management system
Broadcasting Television audience-rating system Program-scheduling management system
Program-production system
Insurance Policy-authorization and issuance system
Distribution Shipping system Inventory-management system
Sales management system

Products/customer management system

Salary system

Production-management system

Travel Reservation-system

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