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Our Privacy Policy
 1. Our thinking about personal data

All-Round Company, Co. Ltd. (hereinafter ARC) regard the proper handling of our customers'
personal data as an important duty in a computerized society. In March 2005,
ARC established its “Policy for Protecting Personal Data” and we are thorough in applying this policy in our handling of our customers' personal data. We will protect personal data based
on this policy.

 2. Policy for Protecting Personal Data

We will take the following steps to ensure the protection of any information that we have at our disposal that could be used to identify an individual customer, (hereinafter “personal data”)
with strict regard for the importance of such information.

@ARC will strive to ensure that personal data it has access to is managed appropriately by
appointing a personal-data manager and implementing programs to educate all
employees in the proper handling of personal data.

A ARC will strive by using rational technical measures to prevent any improper access to the
personal data stored on our computer systems or any loss, alteration or leakage of this

B Unless there is a valid reason to do so, ARC will not give the personal data that we have
received from customers to a third party other than our sub-contractors or business

C When ARC requests a customer to provide his/her personal data, we will inform him
as to thepurpose of the request, the range of third parties with whom we may share the data,
he contactdetails of the section that will handle any requests the customer may have, etc.

D When ARC provides the personal data it has received from a customer to a third party, it will,
except where there are very unusual circumstances, strive to ensure that it is not leaked etc.
by the third party, by making the protection of the personal data a contractual obligation.

E ARC undertakes to respond rationally to inquiries/requests from customers to confirm or
correct personal data they have supplied to ARC.
Please contact the person/phone number you were given when you disclosed your

ARC will strictly comply with Japanese law and other standards or guidelines that pertain
to the protection of our customers' personal information and we undertake to
continuously review and when necessary revise our compliance program including this policy.

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